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Diane Markin was conceived in a Petri dish, at a top secret research facility, by a team of mad scientists intent upon creating a race of super beings. Due to a loss of funding, their diabolical experiments were brought to a screeching halt and Diane was placed with an unsuspecting family in Toledo, Ohio.

Diane always knew she was different. She struggled to control her rambunctious nature and overactive imagination, and yearned to broaden her horizons beyond her mundane Midwest confines. She seized her first opportunity to escape and travelled west, to join a nudist colony in sunny California. Booted out for flagrant exhibitionism, she was quickly recruited by a traveling circus to perform as a sideshow freak. Her brilliant career was tragically cut short by a near fatal accident involving a cannon, the force of which activated a specially designed nerve center which lay dormant in her brain.

Oh, what glorious and wondrous visions did appear! Vibrant colors and tantalizing shapes, objects too beautiful to be envisioned by mere mortals. Diane realized immediately that this was her true calling, for this she had been genetically altered, and she set to work at a fever pitch, joyously recreating the dazzling images in her mind. She continues to this day, with boundless energy and enthusiastic exuberance, to transform ordinary elements of glass and metal into quirky works of funky style.

Diane currently lives in sunny California with her husband, three cats, fifteen turtles and various lizards and frogs. She is thrilled to have found a way of life which suits her so perfectly. She is able to indulge her obsession with glass and beads and wire, her mind whirling with new ideas. She loves her talented and devoted crew and together they have lots of fun making all kinds of cool stuff. She couldn't wish for anything more.

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